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The fast nature of world has turned men into machines. Men lack time to look after their health. Men may not have the ability to father a child due to hereditary factors. Men may produce sperms but the sperm count and its motility to move and impregnate the egg is vital.

Twenty million sperm per milliliter is the normal sperm count and at least 8 million needs to be motile for them to get impregnate the egg. Life style changes like reduced obesity, avoiding use of tight dresses that reduce the sperm count are commonly advised. Frequent visits to sauna have to be avoided and applying cold water in the testicles after a visit to sauna helps to improve sperm count.

Men’s health needs care and habits like smoking are to be eschewed as tobacco products reduces sperm count. Supplements for men are herbal or allopathic based ones. Gensing and Flaxseed is widely claimed as a good supplement for men.

Zinc supplements are also promoted to improve the testosterone level, which is vital for men’s sexual health. Stress free life is advised for good health in men but busy life style has made it impossible

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Looking after your skin can be a daunting everyday task, without the right aftershave you can sometimes get very irritated, and itchy skin, without the right lip balm your lips could be left feeling dry and chapped, and without the correct moisturiser, your skin may be covered with blackheads and pimples! So whats the easiest way to prevent all this, without having to buy 5 different products?

Well, truth is, you don’t have to buy products! Day spas have all the right solutions for your skin, and all you need is a car to get there, and a bit of spare cash lying on your bedside table! The first thing they will tell you to cut down on is smoking and drinking, as it takes the moisture out of your skin dramatically. But drinking occasionally shouldn’t do too much to damage your skin. Day spas have many membership deals such as yearly passes where you can just turn up once a week or once a month. If you are interested in day spas, just search ‘Local Day Spas’ in Google, and it should come up with a variety of day spas and skin treatment centres near you!

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