MaleExtra Review


MaleExtra™ – The Complete Men’s Health Supplement

MaleExtra might be something of a latecomer to the crowded market of male enhancement systems, but it is definitely a case of saving the best for last! MaleExtra is one of the most potent men’s health supplements, which is made just for us men!

What Is Male Extra?

MaleExtra features some of the most potent natural only ingredients, this health supplement helps you take care of your heart, blood flow, prostate health, and has a strong effect on your libido and sexual potency.

It seems like I have tried them all, and maybe I have, but MaleExtra™ is the only health supplement I’ve used that not only improved my health, but also increased my virility, but let me experience an increase in the size of my manhood at the same time.

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My Story So Far…

In the last 5 years I’ve tried just about every known type of enhancement system. I don’t think there’s a product, technique, or company I’ve missed!

I’ve tried different exercises along with a variety of traction devices and male enhancement pills. Instead of getting results, I got disappointed time and again… What really grabbed me about MaleExtra™ is that it gives you all the effects you desire, whether it’s a bigger member, better personal health or increased virility, and does it in one neatly-designed compact system.

When you buy MaleExtra you get a free membership to PenisHealth – The only penis growth training system to undergo clinical trials! This is a tried and tested training programme which has been running for over 7 years, and has had 97,873 satisfied customers!

After watching the video tutorials in my supplied membership and trying their 34 simple exercises and 100% organic herbal supplement for a few short weeks, I experienced a significant improvement in my erections, ejaculation volumes, and a definite uptick in my stamina. You should add having a penile increase of up to 1.5 inches in length to the list!

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So What Can Male Extra Do For You?

MaleExtra is the #1 Male Supplement on the market today, and this is largely due to how it works:

-The Male Extra health supplement is jam packed full of clinically proven ingredients which work!
-The included PenisHealth exercises take only 8 minutes a day, a few times a week but, in that short time, I was able to have far more intense orgasms by harnessing the increased blood flow created by the MaleExtra supplement.

What this simple combination can do is nothing short of incredible. By doing their easy-to-follow exercises and taking the MaleExtra™ supplement, you can expect to experience:

  • Better stamina and energy
  • Increased blood flow, stamina and confidence level
  • Harder and bigger rock-solid erections
  • Increased ejaculation volumes
  • Better prostate health
  • Increases in penile length and girth

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How Does MaleExtra Work?

MaleExtra uniquely attacks the problem in two ways: tried and tested natural penis enlargement exercises and a potent health supplements to improve your health, blood flow, endurance, and desire.

Using their safe and natural 2-part system of penile training and male enhancement supplements, MaleExtra™ enabled me to permanently increase my size and get rock solid erections for longer. No other competitor offers the nutrient-dense ingredients that MaleExtra™ does in their 1,500 mg supplement. You get the maximum natural health boost from the pills because the ingredients are in their most concentrated, purest forms and have been scientifically tested to ensure potency.

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Here’s a sample of the powerful ingredients in the supplement:


Flaxseed – the essential fatty acids it contains increase blood flow to your key organ and help maintain healthy sperm.

Pomegranate (70% ellagic acid) – works like a natural Blue Pill (if you catch my drift) to increase levels of nitric oxide in your blood, which enhances the strength of your erection, and maintain the health of blood vessels.

Tangkat Ali 20:1 – boosts testosterone levels which improves sexual endurance and sexual desire.

L-Arginine – increases nitric oxide in the blood and gives you hard erections by dilating blood vessels going to penile erectile tissue.
Epimedium Sagittatum – increases blood flow and helps smooth muscles relax much as that famous blue pill does, but without the risk of a heart attack! It also releases natural testosterone boosters in your body, so you will feel naturally pumped up and ready to go!
Muira Pauma – Dr. Jacque Waynberg, a sexologist, has published studies documenting this substance increases morning erections and libido while improving sexual desire.

These are a few of the ingredients MaleExtra™ pills contain; there are more. Each one is a building block and, in combination, work to turbocharge your sexual satisfaction.

With these powerful and potent ingredients, it is no wonder MaleExtra’s popularity is soaring – Both as a health supplement tailored for men, and as a great package combining everything you need to get bigger and produce not only bigger, but incredibly hard erections that surpass your wildest fantasies.

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What Are the Side Effects?

The best thing about this dual-action system is it uses only 100% organic, natural ingredients. There are no synthetic or artificial ingredients. There’s no worry about side effects, danger or risk. I used this system confidently knowing I could trust my health and penis to this company.

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Why is MaleExtra™ the Hottest Product on the Market?

freephorderI have spent 5 years trying multiple male improvement products. MaleExtra™ quickly rose to the top of all products I’ve tried. I have the best of all possible worlds. No other product has MaleExtra’s unique system of combining a nutritionally-dense male enhancement supplement with a series of 34 simple penile exercises that, when done for 8 minutes a day, will produce enlargements of up to 3 inches.

Plus you get up to 120 days to test it out! If you don’t get any results they have a money back guarantee – Its a no brainer really!

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I was blown away by MaleExtra’s unique health supplement and free membership to PenisHealth. If I could find fault with any part of this dual system, I would. The only downside is my new girlfriend isn’t getting much sleep!

She loves the confidence MaleExtra™ gives me and is hot to try all the different positions suggested in their LoveCentria DVDs. MaleExtra™ is definitely the system to try if you are serious about improving your blood flow, increasing the size of your manhood, getting harder boners and ramping up your sex life!

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